Reset: Una nueva verdad + Hay alguien más

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Disfruta de nuestro pack que incluye «Reset. Una nueva verdad» Y "Is there anyone else". The discount will be applied at the end of the purchase process.

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6,99  3,99 



Can I give this product away?

Yes. Once you purchase the product, you will receive the necessary license codes to play. You will also receive a printable document that you can personalize yourself and put in a gift envelope.

Sinopsis de «Reset. Una nueva verdad»:

A criminal organization tries to come to power by modifying all information related to the history of mankind. You have 2 hours to prevent that from happening.

Synopsis of "There is someone else":

You have been perceiving something strange for a few weeks and you feel that someone is watching you. You have heard noises that you cannot explain. Yesterday while you were sleeping you noticed someone else's breathing. The game starts with a personalized session with our reference Medium who can help you understand what is happening

Specific features of both games:

Details about «Reset. Una nueva verdad».

Details about "Is there anyone else".

What kind of evidence will I find in this game?

If you have bought this gift pack, you will immerse yourself in two exciting adventures. During the game, you will need to advance in the story by solving puzzles, riddles and investigating all kinds of clues that you can find in the real world: websites, social networks, etc. Through your own terminal (Smartphone or Tablet) you will also receive photos, videos and other types of documents necessary for the game. It will be necessary that you analyze them well, because surely the small details are decisive to solve both mysteries. Ideal to spend two entertaining moments with family or friends either in person or through a videoconference.

Available languages:

From where can I buy the experience:

Purchase Available from anywhere in the world

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