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The best online escape rooms

En nuestra web encontrarás experiencias escape online de calidad, originales y sorprendentes. Regala o disfruta de las mejores experiencias con tu familia, amigos, pareja… ¡Un plan perfecto sin necesidad de salir de casa!

Play whenever you want

With your gaming license, give away or enjoy the game whenever you want. We accept card or PayPal payment through secure payment platform.

You are in the ranking?

In our ranking the fastest teams appear. Keep in mind that when you validate the gaming license from the access to games, el tiempo empieza a contar. Así que os recomendamos que no iniciéis la partida hasta estar listos. Si en una fase del juego os encontráis encallados, siempre podréis echar mano de la ayuda disponible. En algunos juegos, las pistas restan puntos en el ranking.

Choose your adventure

Our thematic They include stories where a crime has been committed, you must find a way to investigate through the clues that are provided, decipher audio, solve puzzles, immerse yourself in dark games, or investigate mysteries. Our stories will make your head squeeze.

Take advantage of the digital world

Get out your digital artillery! PC, tablet, mobile ... We love to squeeze the digital world. At the beginning of each experience we explain what aspects you have to take into account so that everything turns out perfect. We also recommend reading our section on frequent questions.

Follow us, don't miss our discounts

Attention to our social networks! We publish discounts for our games. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In in the CurfewGames Youtube channel you have available the trailers of our games.

Our mission

We are a multidisciplinary team of people, with designers, programmers and editors. Nuestro objetivo es crear experiencias que te hagan dudar de si realmente estás jugando. We create stories that will hook you from the first minute.

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