What are Curfew Games' online ESCAPE ROOM experiences?

Consisten en pasar un rato divertido con las personas que tú decidas. Sin salir de casa, en un entorno seguro jugando en grupo (recomendamos de 1 a 6 personas) donde tendréis como objetivo resolver una historia enigmática en un tiempo límite. Deberéis investigar, resolver enigmas y puzzles, encontrar pistas en el mundo real para resolver los misterios y llegar al final de la aventura. ¿Aceptáis el reto?


Accept the challenge and you will live a truly exciting story without leaving home. You will put yourself in the shoes of the protagonists and you will experience an adrenaline rush that will allow you to solve the mystery!


Solving the mystery alone is almost impossible! You will need your companions. Distribute the tasks and interact out loud. Our experiences promote collaboration and team building. Show that you are a good team!


Juega cuando quieras. Una vez finalicéis el pedido, podréis acceder al juego en cualquier momento.

Our games

Al finalizar tu pedido, recibirás un «código de licencia» para acceder inmediatamente al juego. Fácil y rápido ¿Estás preparado?

The call of the future

Una persona del futuro os contacta a través de un extraño comunicador. Vuestra misión es ayudarle a evitar una serie de crímenes por cometerse en el presente.

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There is someone else

You've been noticing something strange for a few weeks. You feel that someone is watching you and you have heard noises that you cannot explain. Contact our Medium and she may be able to help you

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Reset. A new truth

A criminal organization tries to come to power by modifying all information related to the history of mankind. You have 2 hours to prevent that from happening.

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What else do I have to know to play?

Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs)

What is the minimum material to play?

Apart from the content of the story that we will give you, you will need the devices listed in the details of each game. To play with more people, the use of screens such as tablets, PCs, or mobile phones is recommended.

Will I run away from my own home?

No. Escape Room games online set escapes out in its broad sense. You will have to solve puzzles, enigmas, hieroglyphs, riddles to advance through the story and avoid an extreme situation.

How many people can play?

Curfew games no limita el número máximo de personas que participan en el juego. Aunque es recomendable que la actividad se realice entre 1 y 6 personas

Will I have assistance if I get stranded during the story?

Yes. All games include the possibility of access to a repository of clues or assistance from a GameMaster.

Do I need any other specific material to play?

DO NOT. Only devices connected to the internet and with sufficient battery. Using more devices and having a pen and paper will enhance the group experience.

Do I have to print the content related to the story that I received when I made the purchase or during the game?

No. Since you can consult it from mobile devices.

Can I play with friends via video conference?

Yes. But you will need to share the screen with them through other applications. Access to the game is only possible through a single terminal.

Are there age limits?

In general, the games are recommended for people over 16 years of age. All and that, It is necessary to review the details of each game.

Do you need any physical condition?

No. Todas las fases del juego se desarrollan utilizando el ingenio y la habilidad para resolver problemas y situaciones.

What if I have to interrupt the game?

If you restart the game from the same device and retype your code in the next 24 hours from when you put it in the first time, you continue with your game!

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What do they say about us?

See what the experts say



"An Innovative Story, well spun and with an original ending. It has flown by and we have been wanting more."




"We really liked the story of this game, as it also has a surprising ending. 😱❗ Original support that we had not used before 🤩👏. The tests are also pretty cool, interactive and varied. "




"An interesting story with different enigmas. We have more than 40 escape rooms online and some part of the game has surprised us by originality."




"The story is very good and everything goes very smoothly. Some puzzles are very original and there was one that made us feel like in a movie. If you are not familiar with these online games" The call of the future "may be a good option. we have already bought your second set "

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